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At the heart of the Camerich ethos is an unabashed passion for modern, innovative design.

We believe that excellent design thrives in its simplicity. Reflecting this is our purity of form, further finished with unique, pristine and functional touches.. Our commitment to great design has made us become a world leader in terms of contemporary, cutting edge furniture. Expertly made with superior craftsmanship and emphasizing on its luxury materials, Camerich furniture seamlessly blends exquisite quality with highly sophisticated styling.

After firmly establishing itself through Mainland Europe, Asia and America, Camerich found it due time to expand to the United Kingdom in 2010. Following its core ideal of high quality design at an affordable price. Our distinguished Asian designers and manufacturers always ensure excellent quality and versatility.

Every Camerich sofa is as customizable and adaptable as possible. Our brand new modular sofa system offers you the chance to create your own unique sofa to suit your specific needs. In our wide range of styles you will find something to complement any kind of interior. Camerich strives to provide you with designer furniture tailored specifically to your needs.

You shouldn’t just take our word for it, if you really want to experience our commitment to superior design and excellent quality first-hand; come and visit one of our brand new showrooms in Islington or Chelsea. Here our capable and well-trained staff is available to help guide you through all the aspects of the design process. Through an initial consultation we will determine the requirements of your furniture and then complement them further with additional 3D visualizing and technical scale drawings to establish exactly  how your designer furniture will look in your home. When choosing your furniture, you will be surprised to know that we hold almost all of our product ranges in stock. This means that instead of lengthy lead times your expertly made designer furniture is available for immediate delivery and a quick and efficient installation in your home.

To deliver superior service on a consistent scale, we are always striving to not only meet but exceed our valued customers’ expectations. We are constantly improving and updating our designs and production techniques. We are confident in our ability to create perfect and affordable living solutions. Demonstrating its excellence in modern design, Camerich continues to deliver an unmatched experience to fulfill your needs for timeless and contemporary design.

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