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The perfect companions to Camerich modern sofas, our footstools add both fun and comfort to any space. Upholstered in matching or contrasting fabric or leather to create an appealing centrepoint.

  • Puck

    Puck Footstool

  • Alison Ottoman

    Alison @en

  • Alison Plus

    Alison plus @en

  • Balance

    Balance @en

  • Balance plus

    Balance plus @en

  • Brooks

    Brooks @en

  • Casa

    Casa @en

  • Clouds

    Clouds @en

  • Crescent

    Crescent @en

  • Dice

    Dice @en

  • Era

    Era @en

  • Freetown

    Freetown @en

  • Lazytime

    Lazytime @en

  • Lean

    Lean @en

  • Venus

    Venus @en

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