The 43rd overseas Camerich store has just opened its doors in the center of Cologne.

Throughout the years Camerich has always urged for a sensible international expansion strategy.

“Most of our stores are in major International cities like London, Brussels, Sydney, Seattle, Seoul, Melbourne, Vancouver, Singapore and San Diego. With considerable impact on the World market trends, these cities help us significantly improve our brand awareness and sales. By any of these criteria, Cologne is the right choice.” – Shirley Wang, Brand and marketing Director.

Cologne plays host to the world renowned Cologne Furniture show, an exhibition dating back all the way to 1949 and hosted in the Cologne International Expocentre. It is one of finest and most important exhibition and cultural centres in the World.

“Europe has long been the trend setter of the World furniture market and Cologne has an indisputable influence on furniture businesses around the World. It will be one of the major footholds for us to access the International market.” – Mr. Fu Haijun – Camerich General Manager.

In the showroom the lastest range of Camerich products is displayed. The display, lighting design and detailed decorations are uniquely built to reflect and highlight the unique Camerich Brand identity, to reflect Camerichs contemporary designs and provide the most comfortable retail experience possible.









“Every detail of the Cologne store is the result of our teamwork and our pursuit for excellence. It will be an approach for every flagship store of Camerich in the future…for what we sell in the store are not only the products, but also the culture and philosophy of Camerich.” – Shirley Wang.