A state-of-the-art BMW showroom has selected Camerich to style and tone its brand new dealership in Beijing, China.

The famous Pei Partnerships (World renown architects of the pyramid entrance of the Louvre in Paris) were in charge of the design of the showroom, whilst Camerich was selected to furnish the entire showroom with our beautiful, high quality and affordable furniture. The Camerich coffee tables and sofas were specifically placed within the space in order create clearly separated areas whilst ensuring its functionality and the customers comfort.

The showroom breathes the BMW S5 Ethos on sustainable design.

“Camerich’s simple, modern design combines fashion with art. With pure colours and exquisite craftsmanship, these products interpret a low-profile, high-quality lifestyle that fits perfectly with the elegant, dignified brand of BMW.” – Mr Mei Guoxi, Vice President of Beijing Xingdebao Automobile Sale and Service Co. Ltd.